Triple lion

The Triple Lion brand was originally launched in the early 1990’s to mark the beginning of a new era for SPL. At this time our product range was increased several times over and the company’s branding was felt to need an overhaul – Triple Lion was born!
Triple Lion offers a wide range of products from dried Basmati rice to herbs, spices, beans, peas and pulses. We also pack a full range of canned Triple Lion products, from pineapples in Asia, to Jalapenos from South America. All Triple Lion products are packed according to strict quality control systems, whether they are sourced and packed in our own factory in the UK or packed at 3rd party facilities elsewhere in the world. Our entire supply chain, irrespective of the product, is BRC, or equivalent, accredited and fully traceable. Our dedicated buying team work tirelessly with suppliers and our QA team to ensure these high standards are maintained consistently throughout the year. Where products are seasonal, we will only buy at harvest time, to ensure consistency of supply until the following crop is harvested.
In 2013, the Triple Lion branding was re-designed to reflect to reflect more on the company’s outlook and vision. We felt that the new design should be modern and contemporary and should be synonymous with our attempts to make our branding instantly recognisable, throughout the entire Triple Lion product range. We also think it looks pretty good too!

Ital Lemon

Ital Lemon is a private share-holder company which has been operating in the production and distribution of lemon, lime juices and flavoured seasonings for over 30 years. Its offices and plant occupy a total area of about 7,000 square mt. Ital Lemon industrial complex is built in a modern style and the working areas are ergonomically innovative and advanced.
Ital Lemon plant is located in an industrial area of easy logistic access, only 4km far from the highway exit of Piacenza Nord and 20 minutes far from the south of Milan.
Ital Lemon turn-over is about 70% of international market. Moreover, Ital Lemon is considered one of the best companies in this product branch.

Asahi Aji

For more than 25 years, SPL Foods have been the exclusive distributor for Asahi Aji Monosodium Glutamate. From sales of only 200 kilos per week, the brand has grown and developed into the largest supplier of MSG into the Chinese catering rtade of more than 2500 tonnes per annum. We are able to offer various bulk pack sizes and varying grades also.

Suree Sauces

We stock a variety of Suree sauces made authentically in Thailand, including the popular Sweet Chilli Sauce. These sauces work perfectly as a dip with oriental dishes such as Ha Gau and Dim Sum. Alternatively, use as an ingredient to spice up your stir fry. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Please contact the office for more details.