Rices & Grains

Our wide range includes all of the well-known varieties of rice such as Basmati and long grain, to the not so well-known specialty grains. We have been active in the rice markets for more than 50 years, so we like to think our knowledge and experience is as good as most, and we always welcome a challenge! We have extensive contacts throughout all rice growing regions whether that is the Asian sub continent, South America or here in Europe, and we can meet customers’ demands. Quality driven or commercially driven, we are confident that we have the supply chain and logistical expertise to satisfy most demands. Please contact our sales team with any enquiry, large or small, and don’t worry about asking for what you might think are unusual items – we specialise in the unusual!

Specialist grains are becoming ever more present in our daily diets and SPL are stockists of products including bulgar wheat, couscous, and quinoa. These products and others are always available from stock in various grades and types.

Herbs & Spices

We can meet the most demanding requirements, for both quality and legal compliance, a vital attribute in the 21st century spice industry.

With over 50 years of experience in the spice trade, we can offer not only an extensive range of products, but a guarantee that all products, growers and processors in our valid-IT approved supply chain have been rigorously evaluated and tested to our exacting standards. Most products are always available from our warehouse stocks in either natural or heat treated/steam sterilised  form, in order to accommodate our customers’ many requirements.

Our warehouse is always stocked with both whole and ground spices and herbs too. Available in sizes ranging from bulk sacks down to retail packs, we are confident that we can always furnish our customers’ requirements.


We stock many types of noodles; from dried instant noodles to dried egg noodles for either retail, foodservice or industrial use. Our noodles are available in a wide range of flavours. Get in contact to find out more!

Our customers range from independent stores to the largest of the multiple retail supermarket groups and extend from Spain and Portugal throughout Europe into the Scandinavian countries.

Annually, we supply more than 100 million units into the supply chain.


Our Product Development team has a wealth of experience in providing solutions to your needs.

From industrial applications to FMCG manufacturing, we can offer an all-encompassing service, supporting you and your requirements, all the way from initial brief through to first production and final product launch.

Canned Produce

We are able to offer an extensive range of canned vegetables, canned fruit and other processed products to meet your individual requirements. Our canned produce is available from our own Triple Lion range and also other brands. Please get in contact for more information on our canned produce,
Within the SPL group of companies is We Can Foods. We Can Foods is based near-by in Manchester and the BRC grade A accredited company manufacturers both organic and conventional canned goods including soups, ready meals, beans and pulses. Get in contact to hear more about We Can Foods’ large portfolio of products.

Beans & Pulses

We aim to carry most lines in our comprehensive stock holding to accommodate seasonal variations in availability.
From the Americas to the Orient, Australasia and Africa, we course a wide range of quality beans and pulses in a variety of pack sizes. From bulk 25kg pack sizes to 3kg foodservice packs and 500gm retail packs, we are sure we can accommodate most peoples’ needs.

Chilled Products

2010 was the year we acquired a small manufacturing company, based in Portsmouth. Quattro Foods Ltd is historically a soup manufacturing company supplying the independent outlets in the South East, but under our ownership we are working together with the management team to develop a range of products into new areas of the chilled and frozen food chain. Our BRC grade A accredited factory, together with the highly experienced development chef, are always working on new projects for varying customers, from multiple supermarket groups to restaurant chains. After 5 years, we have achieved a 400% growth in sales, mainly down to our MD Mrs Sam Brower and her team and the high quality of products that are produced.
Our latest range of ambient products produced and packed in this factory are garlic puree, ginger puree and sun dried tomatoes in various oils.
Please visit the website for more information at www.quattrofoods.co.uk

Bespoke Foods

Here at SPL Foods Ltd, we offer a fully documented NPD system where we work alongside our customers to help develop bespoke products for private label.
From our R&D team to our legal compliance team, our service offered is wholly encompassing. We advise on current trends such as colours, additives and preservatives and our dedicated graphic design team will also be happy to advise on label design and format. For this service, we only work with factories that have minimum accreditation criteria of ISO22000, IFS or BRC, and these are factories we have long established relationships with and who understand the demands of the food industry in Europe in the 21st century. The range of products we are currently producing is far too lengthy to list but we can safely say that nothing is beyond our team, so please contact our sales department at your earliest convenience.


We are extremely happy to be in partnership with Eurimac Greece as our manufacturing partner for pasta. They were first established in 1939 and today operate from a fully automated, state of the art manufacturing facility which produces high-quality pasta made from 100% Greek durum wheat. The facility is recognised as one of the most technologically advanced pasta production facilities in Europe. Together we believe we have formed a formidable partnership capable of providing the best solutions for our pasta customers. Please visit the website at www.Eurimac.gr
Our team will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.